slic. was founded with the ambition to create honest, desirable and quality kitchen essentials.

From our base in Amsterdam, we create to enhance your everyday cooking experience. We see ourselves as an interior brand that focuses on the heart of the home: the kitchen.

We don't claim to be a sustainable company, but we strive to be, and this is just the beginning:

The packaging for our knives and wooden accessories are made with 100% organically grown bamboo, and we use eco-friendly materials for the coloured layer of our cast-iron casseroles.

Though in full transparency: we make our knives handles with the best in class G10 material. We tested 100% recycled alternatives, but they didn't fit our quality standards, unfortunately.

We're continuously working to reduce plastic; starting with our packaging and fulfilment process, and we'll keep investing in optimising so we can work towards being a sustainable company for the future.

Welcome to your new kitchen.

Creative studio: noow