Diamond sharpening steel

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Always take good care of your slic. knives.

What you essentially need to know: sharpening steel keeps your knives sharp and a whetstone makes your blunt knives sharp again.

  • Keeps your knives razor sharp: resharpen blunt knives with ease.
  • 25,4 centimeters - 10 inch.
  • Surprisingly easy to master.
  • Designed to refesh a dull blade edge. Extra fine for added polish.
  • Luxury cartonboard (gift) package.


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Stay sharp

A sharpening steel keeps your knives sharp. And did you know that a sharp knife is safer but most of all so much more fun while cooking!


Ergonomic handle & elegant design. Designed for aesthetics and practicality. A pleasing and attractive addition to any kitchen or work area.